Underwater Archaeology

I have spent a significant amount of time underwater, exploring the black water rivers of South Carolina. Although this endeavor is not for the faint of heart,
rewards await the intrepid who explore these backwaters. Included below are photos of a handful of the historical artifacts and fossils I've found on the bottom
of these rivers. Most have not seen the light of day for hundreds or thousands of years. In the case of the fossils, they have lain untouched for millions of years,
waiting to be discovered.


Half of an 1800's ceramic serving platter.


Part of a clay pipe bowl.

A nearly intact moonshine jug.

A "lions-foot" leg from a cast iron bath tub.



All of these pieces of old China were found during one really successful day of diving.

Antique glass syringe.

Early morning on the Waccamaw River.

A rainbow over the river. I'm looking for the pot of gold at the end.

A blade from a ship's propeller which I physically carried out of the river.

My first intact megalodon tooth!

A prehistoric whale tooth.

Whale bones.

A number of pieces of moonshine jugs.

Iron hardware.

The hub of an old wagon wheel as I found it underwater.


One of a number of plate fragments I have found with the maker's mark intact.
These plates came from England during the mid and late 1800's.

Library Exhibit of Items I Found Locally in the Waccamaw River.

I've found hundreds of pieces of native American pottery ranging in age from 400-4000 years.